Telecom Association (“TA”) has converted to a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational membership organization that trains CxO and IT directors of midsized, multilocation businesses to evaluate, source and procure information & communications technology (ICT) managed services and manage ICT assets and vendors. TA also trains new “no experience needed” tecnology advisors/channel partners to get started in our industry and grow their telecom sales agent business using TA’s low-cost/no-cost content marketing tools.

As an ICT technology advisor/distribution partner or vendor/provider, you are invited to join TA as a complimentary or professional member for the purpose of teaching TA’s CxO and IT director prospective end-user members how to compare and buy the solutions you and your competitors are offering via TA’s “Member Blog” and Weekly “Emerging Technology Connections” Email Newletter that will be sent every Tuesday to 50,000 midsize, multi-location CxOs and IT directors beginning 11/2/2022.

How to Submit Blog & Email Newsletter Content for TA’s Business End-User Audience…

All content is published on the TA Member Blog first. TA then selects the most appropriate blog posts to appear as articles on the weekly email newsletter. To have your submission considered for publication on the blog, please email the content to with “TA-Blog-Submission” in the subject line. In the body of the email please include the following sections:

  1. Title – Blog titles should contain keywords that clearly show what problem or opportunity is being addressed in what solution category and by what vendors. The VERY BEST titles that will always receive “head of line” attention compare at least two vendors to one another in a specific solution category such as “Attorney Solutions: How a Multilocation Law Firm Decided on a Meraki or Fortinet SD-WAN from AireSpring or Spectrotel
  2. Author – The best point of view is from a end-user decision maker, technology advisor/channel partner or master agency/provider/vendor sales engineer/architect. ICT sales & marketing employees who wish to submit content should consider “ghost writing” the content for their customer, partner or sales engineer/architect and/or submit a solution case study. Authors must have a LinkedIn profile. Content authored by someone without a LinkedIn profile will generally not be accepted.
  3. CxO or IT Department Benefits and/or Endorsements – All content is written for the sole consideration of midsize, multilocation CxOs and IT directors with a $35,000+ monthly ICT managed services spend. The content needs to be something a CxO or IT director would find useful or expect to be referenced or endorsed by their CxO or IT director peers. The content acceptibility “gold standard” would be your ability to say in the content, “CxO and IT directors referred to us tell us they have this _________ situation which is causing them this __________ problem. We showed them how our _______ solution was specifically designed to solve that problem or was adapted to solve the problem which they selected over ______ competitor’s recommended solution after which our client achieved this __________ measured benefit or outcome which causes them to now endorse our solution to their peers who are CxOs & IT directors just like you.” If you’re unable to meet this gold standard but you have a reasonable belief that CxOs or IT directors would buy your stuff, simply submit content that summarizes why they do or would buy your stuff!
  4. Specific & Measurable Call to Action – The content piece should end with a specific and measurable call to action (“CTA”) so that the success of the content’s publication can be reported to TA by whomever is measuring the CTA results. TA expects that content submitters track CTA success through TA’s publications so that submitters can justify financially supporting TA’s nonprofit structure by sharing an appropriate amount of the content submitter’s incremental margin.
  5. Useful & Verifiable – Whatever is published through TA needs to be useful to the reader and reasonably verifiable to both the reader and by TA. To verify content honesty, TA will solicit the opinion of category subject matter experts who may be your competitors. Content that is deemed to be dishonest, misleading or unverifiable will not be published.
  6. Categories, Keywords & Tags – TA is funded by members who want to maximize content exposure to target audiences sorted by specific categories, keywords and tags. Please specifically list the categories, keywords and tags that the article is written for. TA reserves the exclusive right to be the “final decider” with regards to which categories, keywords or tags are atteched to any content submission.
  7. Complimentary or Professional TA Membership – TA is a member-to-member organization that only publishes content authored by complimentary or professional TA members. Complimentary members are free subscribers to TA’s content. Professional members support TA’s financial structure with prepaid monthly pledges which sponsor particular categories, keywords & tags. Content submissions may be made by any complimentary or professional TA member.
  8. Acceptance of TA Publishing Terms – By submitting content to TA, authors grant TA a royalty-free license to publish the content on TA’s website & email newsletter. TA makes reasonable efforts to correct publication errors, but by submitting content, author agrees to hold TA harmless for any publication errors. TA generally does not delete old content but will consider reasonable removal or edit requests accompanied by a donation to enable TA to cover labor costs associated with editing or removing old content.

No Cost to Members for Content Submissions – But…

At present, TA does not charge members to submit or receive content. Content publication decisions are based exclusively on the content submission’s editorial merit and conformity to the guidelines listed above. That being said, TA is unable to perform any content publishing activity if TA is unable to pay its bills through prepaid monthly member pledges. Professional members generally choose to financially support TA by sponsoring particular content categories, keywords and tags. Members generally choose to support particular content categories, keywords and tags in exchange for publishing CTA’s next to the sponsored content categories, keywords and tags with the understanding that CxOs and IT directors who read the content and respond to the CTAs which will grow the professional member’s profit margin which then will afford the member the ability to honor their TA prepaid monthly pledges.

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