Frequently Asked Questions

What’s “ICT”?

ICT is “information & communications technology“, the name of the new industry created by the convergence of the IT (computers), voice (phones), network (internet & data) and application (software) industries over the past 30 years.

What’s “Managed Services”?

Businesses may opt for a “managed services” solution when they prefer to “rent” a business application as opposed to buy all the equipment required to install, and hire the employees required to manage a business application. A business phone system is a classic example where some businesses prefer to own the phone equipment and others prefer to rent the ability to make & receive business calls without the overhead of owning and managing owned equipment.

What’s a “Procurement Partner”?

A procurement partner is any professional who helps a business decision maker evaluate & procure ICT solutions. They’re usually a vendor’s in-house “account executive” employee who get’s paid a salary & one-time commission or an independent sales agent AKA contract “partner” for a vendor that gets paid a recurring monthly commission when a business contracts for an ICT managed service.

What’s “IT Sourcing, Procurement and Vendor Management (SPVM)”?

IT SPVM is the title applied to a person or group of people who specialize in identifying different IT acquisition channels, negotiating contract terms and managing ongoing IT supplier relationships. Historic internet searches indicate that Gartner, a technology research and consulting firm, has used and published the term extensively over the past decade and even has a division of analysts that work in the “sourcing, procurement and vendor management group”. The title is now widely used in business and the IT SPVM acronym easily identifies people engaged in the profession. Mid-sized and multi-location businesses looking to hire or contract for this expertise will use the IT SPVM term in help wanted job descriptions.

What’s a “Center of Excellence (CoE)”?

A “center of excellence” or CoE is a library of easily accessible and vetted information that ensures organizational decision makers can apply best practices analysis to telecom & IT sourcing, procurement and vendor management projects. Gartner analyst Yanni Karalis states a CoE concentrates existing IT SPVM expertise and resources “to attain and sustain world-class performance and value”. Towards that end, TA is creating an open source IT SPVM CoE that can be accessed by any business and used as a template for any business to create their own IT SPVM CoE.

In What Form’s will TA’s IT SPVM CoE Exist?

Initially, the CoE will exist as blog posts on the TA website that answer business decision maker questions within different catagories of IT SPVM. Ultimately the blog posts will be incorporated into a CoE e-book that is continually updated by TA subject matter expert (SME) members in specific ICT categories. TA will publish a directory of category SME TA members who are volunteering to write different parts of the CoE. Business decision makers are invited to communicate directly with SMEs for consulting on any topic where an existing blog post does not already provide a direct answer.

Who are TA’s Category Subject Matter Experts?