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C-Level Executives

TA teaches you to:

  1. Find the right balance between employees, technology advisor contractors and information & communications technology (ICT) managed service vendors.
  2. Draw upon TA’s membership to hire experienced employees, recommended contractors & procurement partners.
  3. Create an IT Sourcing, Procurement and Vendor Management (SPVM) Center of Excellence (CoE) within your existing IT, operations & finance departments with your existing employees.
  4. Extract the best terms on every deal by mandating a dual recommended vendor program,
  5. Start an ICT asset management program or improve the one you have,

IT, Ops, Finance Directors

TA teaches your staff to:

  1. Renegotiate your ICT agreements to current market terms using a dual recommended vendor policy,
  2. Qualify presale ICT application engineering designs,
  3. Project manage multi-vendor, multi-site application installations,
  4. Access telecom & IT pricing databases to validate competitive proposal pricing,
  5. Audit new invoices to ensure billed charges match contracted agreements,
  6. Monitor monthly invoices to identify errors & generate overcharge refunds,
  7. Find one or more trusted technology advisors from TA’s membership.


TA teaches you to:

  1. Earn $50,000 to $150,000 per year as an ICT procurement partner working remotely as an employee for a single business or a contractor consulting to several businesses as a “trusted technology advisor”,
  2. Create an ICT manager job position with your current employer that is self-funded by ICT managed services savings,
  3. Publish a professional but affordable business website to establish yourself as a serious ICT consultant for one client or many,
  4. Establish an easy-to-maintain marketing program that consistently generates new clients utilizing new TA provided website and email newsletter content each month,

The Member-to-Member Educational Marketplace

TA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit professional membership organization for buyers, sellers, providers and staff of information & communications technology (ICT) managed services companies. TA acts “globally” by providing proactive outbound educational outreach to CxOs and IT departments of midsize, multi-location business with 250+ employees primarily throughout the United States and Canada.

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Learn How to Hire, Contract or Become a Managed Technology Advisor for Midsized Businesses

Telecom Association teaches businesses to hire, contract or create from within managed technology advisory skillsets within one or more people.

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