The Member-to-Member Educational Marketplace for Managed Technology, Connectivity & Cloud Services

TA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit professional membership organization for buyers, sellers, providers and staff of information & communications technology (ICT) managed services companies. “Telecom Association” is a DBA of Information & Communications Technology Managed Services Association (, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, registration number 4586287, with a charter to educate and teach underserved community members how to break into the lucrative employment field of technology project management and sales engineering via paid internships.  TA acts “globally”  by providing proactive outbound educational outreach to CxOs and IT departments of midsize, multi-location business with 250+ employees primarily throughout the United States and Canada. TA acts “locally” by connecting TA members to one another by designating state directors charged with providing for the educational and marketplace needs of the TA members within the various metros of their state. State and metro directors comprise TA’s board of directors. Through TA’s educational and marketplace services, ICT provider members can efficiently and economically communicate with ICT buyer and seller members through TA’s various communication mediums.

TA Members

  1. Buyers: CxOs, IT directors and IT department staff join TA to learn ICT sourcing, procurement, asset & vendor management.
  2. Sellers: ICT partners, advisors, brokers, consultants & sales professionals join TA to help match ICT buyers and providers to one another.
  3. Providers: Providers and vendors of ICT services join TA to reduce sales and marketing costs associatied with new customer acquisition.
  4. Staff: Engineering, administrative and other staff members of ICT buyer, seller & provider firms join TA to facilitate ICT transaction lifecycles.

Member-to-Member Benefits

  1. Lower Buying Costs: Step one is to teach buyers to efficiently source, procure and manage ICT assets & vendors. Step two is to help buyers “self refer” themselves to qualified providers after they’s learned to buy ICT. Step three is to educate buyers about the various loyalty rewards programs providers offer repeat business customers.
  2. Lower Selling Costs: ICT providers decrease the length of the average sales cycle and lower the overall cost of new customer acquisition when educated buyers refer themselves directly to the provider ready to buy.
  3. Lower Customer/Vendor Churn: When educated buyers contract with qualified providers, the result is longer periods of stable business processes uninterupted by the unneccessary need for customer technology changes from repeated vendor  churn.

Member-to-Member Accountability

  1. Recommendations Made: No one knows the pros and cons of different ICT solutions and providers than the 3000+ TA members who have been buying and selling ICT for 30-plus years. When our membership makes a solution or provider recommendation, it’s based on “what we would do if we were you”.
  2. Recommendations Removed: TA members make it their professional duty to get to know their fellow TA members. TA does not admit members that we would be professionally embarassed to associate with or recommend. This is the reason TA members feel accountable to one another. TA does not make recommendations lightly nor do we take lightly when members express reservations about recommending another member. If TA does not feel confident in recommending a fellow member, the fellow member’s “recommended status” is removed.
  3. Education + Transparency = Accountability:  When TA buyer members are properly educated and TA seller and provider members are properly transparent, all TA members expect and receive accountability from and to one another. We provide education and teach transparency in order to deliver accountability.

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