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As a 501c3 non-profit organization, TA teaches technology procurement and ICT project management (TPPM). TA certifies annual TPPM proficiency in individuals. TA identifies the ICT.Best annual solution providers in individual ICT categories. TA accredits the very best ICT solution providers annually that work respectfully with TPPM professionals and deliver exceptional results to 35k.Club businesses across multiple ICT categories. TA receives primary financial support from professional member dues. TA began operating as a non-profit organization in 2020 dedicated to teaching procurement and project management best practices to ICT professionals and providing a professional communications forum for ICT professionals. TA is a DBA of Information & Communications Technology Managed Services Association and was founded by Dan & Nancy Baldwin who have worked in the ICT industry since 1990. Dan has worked as a technology procurement project manager for a 35k.Club business for the past 10 years teaching their IT, finance and operations departments how to both contract with independent TPPM consultants as well as develop in-house TPPM expertise within their existing employee base.

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