CxOs, IT Directors & IT Staff:
How to Hire, Contract or Become a Managed Technology Advisor for Midsized Businesses

While most midsize, multi-location businesses have an IT department to manage their critical business applications, CIOs and IT directors often need outside expertise to integrate new business communications technology with their existing business process operations. To help them source, procure and manage technology assets and vendors, businesses will contract with an independent managed business communications technology advisor, hire one or create an in-house position by retraining an existing employee with decent organizational and communication skills. Telecom Association is a non-profit professional membership organization that teaches businesses to hire, contract or create from within managed technology advisory skillsets within one or more people.

Who creates and trains managed business technology advisors to ensure whomever is filling this role for your midsize business is always current on the latest marketplace offerings? Click the videos below to get an introduction to the top business technology distribution and/or brokerage companies. There used to be dozens but now there around ten “master agencies” as they used to be called. Almost all of the top business communication and managed technology services providers all have what they call an “indirect” or “partner program” (AKA referral or affiliate program) that they use to bring in new business customers in addition to or in place of an in-house “direct” sales program.

If you’re a CxO or IT director of a mid-size, multilocation company with 250+ employees spending $25,000+ per month for business technology & managed services (phones, internet, computers, software, etc.) and you want to hire, contract or create an employee who can help you successfully navigate business technology and managed services marketplace, the person or persons you choose will no doubt have been trained by one of the following distributors or providers.

Telecom Association’s role is to provide for and manage a membership organization where technology buyers, sellers, providers & staff can all interact with one another in an educated, transparent and accountable manner. As a Telecom Association member you can expect TA to be your “trusted advisor” to all the “trusted advisors”.

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