TA’s existing membership database consists of prety much all the active ICT “technology advisors” in the industry, their “master agent” distributors AKA TSB/Ds (technology service brokerage/distributors) and all the ICT service providers/vendors that they represent.

As TA is now actively inviting the CxOs, IT directors and IT staff to join TA as equal members in the ICT marketplace, TA is in need of a membership director and membership committee staff volunteers to help TA manage our database of midsize, multi-location ICT decision maker “TA Buyer” member prospects.

We starting out with a list of 50,000 CxO & IT decision maker member prospects that we’ll be inviting to join. If you have experience or interest in assisting TA with this sort of end-user membership recruitment task, please leave a comment below or contact Dan Baldwin at Dan@TelecomAssociation.com.

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