Many if not all telecom agents AKA “trusted technology advisors” get some if not all their network services leads from local MSPs AKA “managed services providers” – those professionals who make it their business to keep the computers running in local businesses. In exchange for getting MSP leads, agents generally split up to half their monthly recurring commissions with their MSP lead source.

The Agent/MSP lead/commission arrangement can be amicable or strained depending on who has the most control in the arrangement. If the MSP has the pick of multiple agents then of course the MSP has the power but if the agent has relationships with multiple MSPs – well, you get the picture.

Time to Even up the Agent/MSP Balance of Power by Selling with Every MSP in America!

As many of you know, I’ve been a telecom agent since right after telecom agents became a thing in 1994 – which was before MSPs were a thing. In 1994, all the telecom agents were scrambling to partner with “interconnects” the guys who installed and maintained on-premises business phone systems. Well the interconnects either went out of business or became MSPs and so now every ICT (“information & communications technology”) managed services deal being done in the small & medium sized business arena if being closed by an MSP or a telecom agent. (Note: I know agents prefer the moniker “trusted advisor” but “telecom agent” is much more descriptive of the underlying transaction. When “trusted advisors” show me a client-signed PSA or “professional services agreement” I’ll be sure & use their preferred moniker.)

So as your telecom agent peer and Telecom Association success coach, I strongly urge you to meet me in Bakersfield, California next Tuesday morning for a two or four day MSP sales and operations training session so you can learn to A) become a successful MSP in your own state, and/or B) learn what you need to know to sell MSP services for any MSP in America (and there’s a whole lot of them!) Click here to pay your $199 registration fee which you’ll be refunded when you check in – so yes, it’s free!

Why Do You Need to Do This? Because “MSPs can’t sell” but “Telecom Agents CAN Sell!”

Chartec isn’t the only organization that helps correct the problem of “MSPs can’t sell” (who’s heard of Robin Robins, TruMethods, MSP Growth Guide) but Chartec is about the only MSP organization that focuses on SALES, virtually every other MSP organization focuses on MARKETING. Chartec knows how to sell because Chartec has their own MSP, ARRC under their same roof in Bakersfield – they sell their own Kool-Aid! Click the video below to hear Alex Rogers himself explain the 100 reasons MSP’s don’t sell (but Telecom Agents do!)

So if you want to sell MSP services from coast to coast all you gotta do is one of the following two things, A) attend Chartec Academy December 6th in Bakersfield to learn how to become an MSP yourself, and/or B) attend Chartec Academy December 6th in Bakersfield to learn the MSP sales pitches so you can tell every MSP in America, “Can I help you sell your MSP stuff? Alex Rogers sent me!

The last sentence above is especially important because if you’re a “new MSP”, experienced MSPs are going to want to know “which MSP tribe you’re from”. Just as telecom agents get their experience from one or more telco master agents (Intelisys, Telarus, TBI, Sandler, AppDirect, etc.) MSPs also get their experience from “master MSPs” and Chartec/ARRC is a SALES & hardware based CURRENT MSP where many of the other MSP training organizations are marketing only and no longer run an existing MSP.

Meet Dan Baldwin in Bakersfield on December 6th to Dominate MSP Sales in 2023

Hey, I’m all in on converting my own telecom agent sites ICTLA & BaldwinTel to MSP sites and then selling the you-know-what out of MSP solutions for myself & others throughout 2023. Join me! If you’re not yet convinced, what me register on the video below.

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