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Learn the Secret MSP Sales Pitch from the “MSP Whisperer” December 6th & 7th…

Telecom agents successfully dispatched all the “interconnects” (those brick & mortar businesses selling NEC, Toshiba & Panasonic business phone systems) over the past 10 years with our SIP & hosted VoIP business phone system solutions.

2023 will be the year we do the same thing to our last brick & mortar competitors – the “MSPs” AKA managed services providers, AKA “trunk slammers” AKA the “hey computer dude, my printer’s broke again!” guy.

Per the two videos above & below which have been lovingly re-created by your best friend Dan Baldwin AKA Telecom Association “Supreme Ruler”, the MSP’s “secret sauce” to success over the past decade is the crazy, insane stuff Alex Rogers spews out non-stop for two days at his quarterly Chartec Academy classes in Bakersfield California.

Alex is a the owner of ARRC, the “top MSP in all of Kern County California”, he basically invented HaaS or “hardware as a service” and then he created a second business named Chartec that teaches anyone – including telecom agents – how to become a successful MSP.

So think about it. Will 2023 be the year when you finally stop loosing deals to MSPs by simply becoming an MSP yourself?

You don’t have to fix printers, you can contract that out. Heck, you can contract most of the MSP grind stuff out. What you need to do is learn from the “MSP whisperer” the MSP sales pitch. You know no one does sales pitches better than telecom agents. MSPs, by and large, are really bad a sales and sales pitches – which is why Alex and Chartec became such an incredible success – he knows the perfect MSP sales pitch and will gladly teach it to anyone who shows up at a 2-day Chartec Academy.

Make 2023 the Year your MSP Lead Partners Start Working for You!

Telecom agents who don’t become MSPs because they get their network service leads from MSPs are doomed because MSPs are learning how to sell network services without needing telecom agents. Selling managed services is just that – selling – and no one sells better than telecom agents. Make 2023 the year you take control of your best lead source by becoming an MSP yourself. Alex and his team will teach you the perfect MSP sales pitch December 6th & 7th in Bakersfield. Click here now or keep being scared that your MSP lead partner will find another telecom agent or becomes a telecom agent themselves.

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