TA is reviewing the “employee training” part of the whole cybersecurity survey that a company will do on itself with Telarus SolutionVue or similar recurring analysis report-like solution.

If you’ve never been on a KnowBe4 overview or you want a refresher or you just want to grill a KnowBe4 biz dev person for fun (in an objective, “TA way”), please leave a comment below and we’ll include you on the invite for 7am PT next Friday, October 21st.

Please help us out by leaving comments about what you think of KnowBe4, which KnowBe4 competitors are the most worthy (and why) and most importantly, how you’re including KnowBe4-like training in your AUP (acceptible use policy) as well as your cybersecurity or SLR (security lifecycle review) documents.

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