Writing blog posts for TA is not my full time job. My full-time job is working as a contract IT project manager and solution consultant for a midsize, multi-location business. Whenever I find myself researching a new ICT solution or project for my client, I invariably repurpose the content into a “How to Buy” piece for the TA blog.

Following are three pieces I’m currently working on. If you have relevent experience with any of these topics that you’d like to contribute to any of these content pieces, please leave a comment below or email me at Dan@TelecomAssociation.com.

1. Packet or Session/Flow? Is VMware/Velo really the best SD-WAN technology with “Packet” or is Fortinet better with Session/Flow?

I’ve sat through many. many, many SD-WAN presentations for VMware/VeloCloud and you can turn the “packet transmission technology is best” line into a drinking game that would certainly have all of the audience too drunk to survive the webinar. Of course Fortinet, Meraki, BigLeaf and and every other SD-WAN provider will say, “No, VMware/Velo is the one that’s drunk” because session/flow is absolutely the best transmission technolgy for SD-WAN.

To help settle the score, TA is in the process of interviewing the top distributors of two of the top SD-WAN resellers of multiple solution technologies, Spectrotel and AireSpring. We’re going to get to the bottom of this interminable drining game by the end of October and publish our findings here.

2. Coro and/or SolutionVue? Are Either the Answer to the CxO Question, “Is my CyberSecurity Protection Suite Complete?”

As anyone who’s ever tried to buy or sell “CyberSecurity” can attest, cybersecurity seems to be an ever changing set of many plates spinning on many sticks in a dark room with loud music playing at full blast. So many problems, so many solutions – none seemingly connected to another – even though they’re all some sort of cyber flavor (so we’re told anyway). What’s needed is order! Doesn’t anyone have a solution that addresses multiple cyber solutions? Doesn’t anyone have a cyber solution roadmap?

Well Coro and SolutionVue have both been presenting themselves as the cyber solution of the month to technology distriobutors. Coro says, “We address four different cyber threat vectors all under one portal instead of four portals – we’re better, simpler & less expensive!” SolutionVue says, “Our unique cyber customer survey – which only takes 15-minutes to complete – presents any business CxO or IT department with a customized and complete cybersecurity checklist detailing which areas are secure and which areas are under threat along with a remediation plan – from qualified and vetted cybersecurity vendors. Sounds good. TA’s going to to run both solutions through the gauntlet of a couple of IT directors who are pretty sure they’ve got every cyber thing figured out and are prepared to review and find both Coro and SolutionVue wanting – or not – I guess we’ll see (hopefully by the end of October).

3. Emerging Technologies – What ICT Solutions will 2023 Champion from Which ICT Vendors?

TBI, a top national ICT solutions distributor has invited southern California based distributors to spend two days at a hotel in Coronado, sponsored by top ICT vendors, to learn which ICT problems in 2023 will be causing CxOs and IT directors the most grief.

Click here to see what will be learned from whom. Check back soon to discover what was learned that was worth sharing!


If you have information about any of these three topics that would be useful to TA’s members, please share a comment below or email Dan@TelecomAssociation.com.

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