How TA Members Can Earn, Buy, Spend & Transfer TA Points

TA members may earn or buy TA “points” to spend on themselves or to transfer to other TA members. TA’s points system ensures equal access to certain scarce TA member benefits – like one or more listings on the “Team” page.

Member can earn up to 1000 points each time they submit content that is published on the TA website or newsletter for the benefit of other members. Submitting detailed Reviews or News comments are two very easy ways a member can accrue enough points each month to maintain a prominent”Team” page listing.

Members can also earn up to 250 points per hour volunteered to help TA in one of many TA Director volunteer postions.  TA is currently recruiting a TA Director to be the lead in each US state. Once all 50 states director positions are filled, TA will then need a TA Director to be the lead in each metropolitan area. State and metro directors are expected to invest at least one hour per week which would generate at least 1000 points per month – more than enough to achieve a quality listing for high demand areas.

TA’s content submission and volunteer hours points earning methods ensure that even new advisors and providers with lean checkbooks can afford to participate with their better funded peers. Members also receive one point for each dollar they prepay in a pledge.

TA members spend their points each month on their “Team” page listings. Listings are ranked by the number of points redeemed for the listing for the month.

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