These are TA content pieces that are in development

  1. BigLeaf: Is it worth it to pay for a BigLeaf box at a home office? We’ll be measuring “before & after” network quality at a home office using WinMTR (and other VoIP quality tools). DanB will create a blog post about the experience & then invite other TA members to do the same to see how the experience is the same or different.
  2. Sandler vs. Intelisys Marketing Center: Both agencies have “email blast” machines. We’ll setup identical campaigns for both to see which one we like the best. (Invite all agents who are with both Sandler & Intelisys to participate – )
  3. TBI vs. Intelisys vs. Sandler Engineering: I submitted the iPhone/VPN/anti-virus inquiry to all 3 at 11am 10/24/22 to see what happens.
  4. Review of Telarus’ Cybersecurity SolutionVue assessment tool & comparison to other auditing checklists. Quest, CI,

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