Today all Telecom Association members successfully helped give birth to “CxO Buzz” a nonprofit business-to-business media platform all TA members can use to communicate with one another.

The CxO Buzz tag line is “Innovation Management Journal (and buzzword decoder!)”

What’s the point? CxO Buzz is designed to reduce the sales and marketing costs associated with innovation technology providers, distributors and customers all trying to communicate with each other in an efficiant manner. By creating a single brand – “CxO Buzz” – that all TA members can access equally to both add and extract information about sourcing, procuring and managing information & communications technology (“ICT”), the CxO Buzz domain can eliminate the marketing problem of hundreds or providers and thousands of distributors all repetively marketing the same marketing solution information to tens of thousands of end-user customers.

CxO Buzz can act as a national solution newsletter, catalog and buyers guide. The reason this has not existed previously is there was not a nonprofit membership organization to support it. Now there is – Telecom Association, a card carrying 501(c)(3) since 2020.

Any midsize business decision maker (we’re targeting the C-Suite obviously with the name CxO Buzz) is invited to join TA to learn about the ICT solutions they have now & will be subscribing to in the future. CxOs are TA’s primary members. Any ICT distributor/advisor or vendor/provider is also invited to join TA for the purpose of educating CxOs about your solutions and then offering the solutions to the CxOs at special member-to-member terms.

Because TA is a nonprofit, no one owns CxO Buzz, so it’s not designed to be build up and sold. The value of CxO Buzz is 100% owned by TA members who put usefull information in and take useful information out. It’s designed to enable better decision and lower sales and marketing costs. It’s kind of like if Amazon was owned by all the Amazon customers and Amazon sellers.

Following are the CxO Buzz domains that have been registered that TA members will be able to use to distribute and receive information. Be advised that the following have only just been registered so the landing pages will evelove over the next several weeks.

Primary website:,



Facebook: &





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